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No matter how fast your car is, you need to be able to stop! That’s why keeping your vehicle’s brakes maintained and in good shape is so important. Not only will this prevent costly repairs down the line, but it may save your life. When you need the best brake repairs for your car, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Pit Shop Auto Repair.

Brake Repair Libertyville IL

It’s important not to wait so long that your brakes start making weird grinding or squealing noises. Periodic brake-checks performed by trained mechanics are a good way to keep these distressing symptoms from showing up. If you are experiencing these noises, however, it is no doubt time to bring your car in for a comprehensive checkup. We can quickly diagnose and solve any problem that your car may be experiencing – brakes being no exception. 

Your brake system utilizes friction to slow your car down. The two main components that cause this friction are called your brake pads and your brake shoes. These two parts push together to provide the friction needed to stop your vehicle. Fortunately, replacing these parts is no big deal – our team of highly trained technicians is more than capable of tackling these kinds of jobs for you. 

Brake Replacement Libertyville IL

Your car’s brakes also consist of a variety of components beyond the basic brake pads & shoes. A variety of pistons and springs are in play when your car is coming to a stop, and these need to be inspected and maintained regularly for you and your car’s safety. Even your tires are an important aspect of your braking system because overly worn tires will impede your brakes’ ability to stop the car when traveling at speed. Traction is everything! 

There are two main external factors at work when it comes to stopping your vehicle: the car’s weight and its speed. A heavier or a faster vehicle will naturally require more stopping power to slow down, so it’s a good idea to pay closer attention to your brakes if you drive a sports car or a heavy truck. Regardless though, all vehicles need to have their brakes frequently inspected and corrected!

Brake Repair Near Me

So whatever kind of car you drive, make sure your brake system is in good shape with maintenance and repair from Pit Shop Auto Repair in Libertyville, IL. Our team of certified mechanics is here to help you through every step of your car repair journey. You’ll be able to drive with confidence, knowing that your car will always be in good hands.